Unique Features of KianClassic Franchising Business
  1. Well Established Brand Name
    Franchisee can leverage on KianClassic recognized brand name and achieve immediate acceptance from the customers.
  2. A Distinctive, Health-focused Product
    KianClassic is the first Malaysian company to offer green cabinet under the brand name, where kitchen cabinets and wardrobes are made from non-toxic, low-formaldehyde materials; thereby safe-guarding the health of our users.
  3. Competitive Pricing from Manufacturer
    All the products are supplied directly from our own factory to provide the highest quality product at competitive pricing.
  4. Short Ordering Cycle
    We can deliver customer’s order between 7-14 days, depending on product type and  volume.
  5. Proven Business System
    Franchisee can operate the business easily with KianClassic’s proven business and operating system which has been fine tuned over the years.
  6. Start-up and Sustained Business Support
    We will assist Franchisee with a turnkey showroom layout and design that are functional, distinctive and inviting. Our dedicated team will provide on-going support in various aspects of the business, including regular meetings, business development, staff management, operations, research and development.
  7. Initial and On-going Training
    We will incorporate our experience, expertise and tested methods into a complete package of initial and on-going training and support.
  8. Comprehensive Advertising & Promotion Support
    We plan and organize on-going A&P activities which provide Franchisee with quality leads generated by comprehensive marketing activities.
  9. Powerful Design Software
    Each Franchisee will be provided with a powerful design software that produce impressive 3D drawing to the customer.
  10. Low Operating Cost
    The operating cost is relatively low as Franchisee may open business at shop houses  where the  rental is cheaper. Alternately the Franchsiee may opt for the unique “Micro Shop” concept.