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Sore Throat

Chest Tightness


Difficulty Breathing

Fetal Malformations


Skin Cancer




Throat Cancer

Nasal Cancer

In Particular Children



Caused by renovation materials, furniture and other household items are contain harmful substances that are being released into home and office continuously and invisibly.

The emission of interior pollutants can be up to 3-15 years!

  • Causing damage to the eye, nose, respiratory system and skin
  • Causing chronic disease, shorten one’s life
  • In severe cases, it causes cancer
  • Birth defects
  • Infertility in women


Why people always feel sick and tired nowadays?

Why the number of cancer patients increased each year?

The new generation are more incline towards a healthier lifestyle and demand a healthy environment by:

  • Take natural and organic food
  • Maintain hygienic environment
  • Use safe household products


HOME | Our sanctuary where we take refuge from the stress of our lives were thought to be the safest place but it is  in fact hide a most potent invisible killer

Bedroom Wardrobe
We spent an average 1/3 of our time in the bedroom, exposed ourselves to formaldehyde for long hours.
Kitchen Cabinets
Release a large amount of formaldehyde during cooking the temperature is high


Content of Formaldehyde Side Effect Side Effect
0.07 Feeling suffocating smell and discomfort
0.10 Irritating to the eyes, causing tears
0.50 Causing throat discomfort or pain
30.00 Causing immediate death